Our volunteers bring new insights to L’Arche and we benefit from their unique contributions which help us to grow and continually improve. 

The work of our Volunteer Officer in Ipswich has brought fresh ideas and skills into our community through working with local schools and colleges to create opportunities for people which also bring value to L'Arche - a real win-win situation! Welcoming students into our community brings a different set of skills and energy.

Media students from a local High School worked hard to design a newsletter for our community. The project gave students a first-hand experience of working to a brief, brand guidelines and delivering to a timeframe. Our community gained a fresh new newsletter, and the students gained experience of a work project to add to their CVs.

In addition, our partnerships with local colleges enable Health and Social Care students to work in a supported living environment. We provide opportunities for students to put their learning into practice and gain valuable experience working with adults with learning disabilities. This helps students when applying for jobs as they can provide real work experience to support their applications.  

Opening our doors to volunteers widens our horizons and offers a sense of belonging for those who haven't yet experienced the special environment which is L’Arche.