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We support around 300 adults with learning disabilities in England, Scotland and Wales, through a mix of residential and home support and activity programmes. To find out what support we offer near you, visit your local L'Arche Community's webpages. 

Our support focuses on building Communities where people with and without learning disabilities live and work alongside each other. Together and as individuals, we actively participate in our neighbourhoods, in faith and campaign groups, in places of work, learning and fun, in our towns, cities and nations.  

People with learning disabilities are the core members of our Communities. We help them choose a way of life that feels right for them. Each one has a personal support plan, developed by listening to their dreams and aspirations, choices and goals, and tailored to their individual needs and level of independence. And we create circles of friendship and support, offering a place to belong for people with and without learning disabilities. 

Residential care and support at home 

We offer three models of home and residential support 

  • Living in a shared home alongside L’Arche support assistants and other adults with a learning disability.
  • Living in a shared home alongside other adults with a learning disability, supported by a team of assistants living locally.
  • Living alone either in a house owned or leased by L’Arche or in private rented accommodation, while receiving support from L’Arche assistants and the wider L’Arche Community.    

Day activities  

Many L’Arche Communities offer day activity programmes, which offer the chance to discover and develop creative talent, practical skills or enjoy therapeutic activities. These include initiatives such as community cafes, therapeutic gardening, art, design and drama workshops, and much more. Most of these are open to people with learning disabilities who do not live in a L’Arche house.

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Regulatory information  

In England, our services are registered with the Care Quality Commission.   Most of our services are supported living. Some shared houses are registered care homes. 

In Scotland, our housing support services, care at home and support services are registered with the Care Inspectorate Scotland.   

In Wales, our residential care service is registered with the Care Inspectorate Wales.