We are holding a message: that people with and without learning disability can create something beautiful together Laura, the Drama Group director

It’s a crisp December afternoon. Lambeth is caked in ice and snow. Jason is waiting in Stanley Hall Theatre, along with the L’Arche London Drama Group. “It’s important to put plays on in theatres,” he says, “because that's the normal place where people come to see stage shows or drama performances.” 

The Drama Group draws inspiration from ancient myths, legends and fairy tales. But in their productions, everything is made from scratch – the scripts, the props, the costumes, the scenery

For the Musicians of Bremen, their new production, Laurence, a man with Down’s Syndrome, has spent months sawing, nailing and painting wood, along with a volunteer called Tony, to create the magical, and colourful set.  

Everyone’s talents are employed, all ideas are considered. “Success for me is everyone finding a role and place in the play,” says Laura, the Group’s director.  

A cat (Amy) is putting on her make-up. A rooster (Vinny) is practicing his crowing. Four thieves (William, Danny, Ben and Marina) are preparing their stripey swag bags. If it comes off, The Musicians of Bremen, performed to packed south London audience, will be the highlight of the year for the Drama Group.  

But will it end happily ever after?  

Watch this 6-minute video to find out.