People with and without learning disabilities, building a more inclusive world

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Stories of life-changing relationships between people with and without learning disability


Author: Monika Uboreviciute

Support we offer

At the heart of L'Arche is the support we provide to people with learning disability within life-sharing Communities


Author: Monika Uboreviciute

Our impact

Friendships and daily life together are at the heart of our model of individual and societal transformation


Author: Monika Uboreviciute





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Become a Shared Life Live-In

Find out more about sharing life as a L'Arche live-in: the experiences you would have, the skills you would learn and how to apply


Author: Monika Uboreviciute

Become a L'Arche fundraiser

Find out how you can take on the challenge of a lifetime while raising money for L'Arche


Author: Monika Uboreviciute

News and Stories

  • Joyful Rebellion: The Tablet lecture

    Drawing on encounters with people who have learning disabilities in L’Arche, John Casson showed how liberation can come through engaging with regions of the full human experience we too easily ignore. Read more

  • Special Olympics - achieving your personal best

    Christian Gerro from L’Arche Canada, now an Olympic Gold medalist, has joined 7000 other competitors with intellectual and multiple disabilities in Germany for the 2023 Special Olympics World Games. Read more

  • Live-in retreat: Kathlea's soulful experience

    In the reflective piece, Kathlea shares her thoughts and insights as she spends 3 days at a L'Arche retreat for first year shared life live-ins. Would you like to experience it too? Read more

  • Scottish fiddle player in L'Arche Japan

    Former L'Arche Edinburgh assistant Cameron is hosted by four people with learning disabilities in their home in Japan. Read about the music, joy and celebration he found there. Read more