“In the hardest of situations, people with disabilities are too often the last ones to be remembered” Eunice, L’Arche Haiti. 

Due to an extremely fragile security situation in Haiti, home to two L’Arche Communities, Carrefour and Chantal, members are confined to their homes, unable to move freely. Particularly concerning is the plight of Carrefour, situated amidst the territories of rival gangs.

The Community Leader Eunice shares that “everyone is scared, and when gunfire erupts a few times a week, it feels as though they are right next door.”

This impossibility of safe travel has a detrimental financial impact. Not only can they not sell workshop produce to raise crucial funds, the social turmoil has meant a dramatic increase in the prices of goods, food and medicine. Moreover, the community serves as a refuge for employees fleeing their homes due to gang violence in their area as they continue to open their doors to up to 25 children with learning disabilities at their learning centre.

Tragically, the lack of essential medicines has led to the death of a much-loved core member Samuel Torchon. In spite of all their efforts, Samuel’s parents were unable to replace the drugs that controlled his epilepsy.

In this hour of need, your support is a lifeline. Join us in extending compassion and practical assistance to L'Arche Haiti. Together, we can bring hope amidst turmoil and ensure that no one is left behind. 


*All funds raised will support L’Arche Haiti's emergency needs. Any donations received over the appeal target may be used to support other L’Arche Communities around the world, including those in vulnerable regions such as Bethlehem, Syria, Ukraine and Egypt.