After four years attending L’Arche Liverpool’s workshops programme, Hannah asked to move into the Community full-time. She was drawn to L’Arche as it meets her desire to live in Community, and allows her to explore her faith and spirituality, which hold an important place in her life.

Since moving into her own flat within the Community Hannah’s life has become fuller and more enriched. She has found a new circle of friends, many of whom she regularly shares mealtimes with, started working in a local shop, and has represented Liverpool on L’Arche’s National speaking council.  

‘Before moving to L’Arche I sometimes felt lonely. Now not at all. I talk to people. I work at Barnardo’s Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Then I sometimes come to the day services on the other days. Sometimes I stay in and tidy and hoover and brush my flat.

I enjoy prayer time in my flat as well. I like doing arts and crafts – sewing, drawing, painting – anything. There’s this game that you can get on your phone. It’s called ‘colour by numbers’. It’s really good. That’s what relaxes me as well. I like jigsaw puzzles as well. 

Usually I eat my dinner downstairs [with the Community] but I sometimes have it up here. So it’s a bit of both. It’s nice that I can choose. I love being here.’