Emma is a member of the L’Arche Highland Community and this is her story.

Me, mum and dad came to L’Arche and we looked around. We talked to Helen and she showed us around and talked about L’Arche. I felt happy and nervous, and [had] butterflies in my tummy.

I like working with people I've known for a long time from school, like Scott. 

It’s been amazing [L’Arche] and I get paid on the Friday, that’s good. I like reading the newsletter to everyone

[I take part in] the garden workshop and the candles. We water the plants. In autumn time you get leaves. In December time you make David stars.  

I use candle moulds. I put hot wax into the jugs and pour into the mould and it sets and cools down. Then you take off the bottom and then you have to pull it out of the sink with the hot water in. Maddie and Ishbel do that.

[We sell them] at lots of fairs. We went to a school to sell them and to the cruise ship people. We went there and sold lots of candles. You have to speak to them [some of them didn’t speak English]. They speak in French. 

[I’m part of the] listening group. It is when we talk about things at the workshop, like events and parties, and when people have passed away like Jacqui and Fiona. She was one of my best friends for a long time and she passed away. I miss her. I like talking about good memories of Fiona. 

My friends are Harmony (she’s one of my great best friends), Cameron, (he lives near me), my boyfriend Ross, and Rory Brown (I know Rory from special needs nursery – my mum knows his mum). Then I know Scott as well (we went to special needs nursery). And Josephine as well.

Today it’s my birthday. I normally do lunch duties – emptying bins, emptying the recycling bin. I got the day off because it’s my birthday.