Canaries for Climate Change 

Action on climate change is in our hands! As the COP26 climate summit takes place, we at L’Arche decided to act urgently to show that our diverse Communities are concerned about climate too!  

We took a positive and creative approach to climate activism by taking part in #CanaryCraftivists project - a campaign for new activists and crafters alike! Many of our Communities across UK gathered to handcraft canaries and send easy-read letters to local MPs asking to take action. Canaries were once used to signal toxic gas in coal mines, the ones attached to letters were to remind Members of Parliament about the dangerous CO2 levels today. 

This project manifested in many different shapes and colours! Some canaries were drawn, some landed on cards, some became little crochet toys and others were turned into lavender bags!  

Members of L’Arche were empowered and emboldened to show their concern and encourage MPs across the nation to act now! 

Craftivism for change

Eco Fayre 

A week before the COP26 conference, L’Arche Kent participated in an Eco Fayre at the heart of Canterbury. Organised by Canterbury Climate Action Partnership (CCAP), the fair hosted a wide range of sustainability-focused businesses and projects that help to highlight the climate emergency. 

Smiling broadly under their face-masks, L’Arche Kent volunteers were selling a variety of handcrafted, ecological, upcycled or self-grown goods such as candles, paper cards, dried bay leaves, plants, seeds for planting, pine cone fire starters and much more. Everyone in the Community, from people with learning disability to the leadership team, worked hard to produce these goods. L’Arche’s participation in the Eco Fayre was the highlight of Action Week for many people in Canterbury! 

Volunteers at Eco Fayre