Last year, we began a review of what voice and power means to people with learning disabilities.   

We’ve appointed two Co-Facilitators, one with and one without a learning disability, Chloe and Milly, to deliver this work. They’ve visited Communities and held online conversations, using quizzes and choice tables (pictured below), to learn what really matters to our Community members. 

Three key priorities have been identified: 

  • Finding employment when there is little opportunity for paid jobs
  • Loneliness, sex and relationships
  • Coping with sadness and grief 

We want to equip people with learning disabilities both in L’Arche, and in society as a whole, to be heard and empowered. L’Arche can start this by:  

  • Introducing a local listening group at each of our 11 Communities
  • Offer regular Zoom groups to help overcome isolation and loneliness  
  • Deliver training courses with and for people with learning disabilities on the key topics 

What we will do next

Thanks to donations already received, we have employed Chloe and Milly to begin this vital work. We now aim to address some of the challenges facing people with a disability and become a beacon of best practice for wider society.