Our Big Conversation on impact is reviewing and redefining what we want to achieve.  

Moving from a founder-led to a mission-led era, we want everyone in L’Arche to be clear and confident about the difference we can make individually and as a movement for a fairer world. 

Over the past year, alongside our consultant partners, NPC, we have drawn together the views of everyone in our Communities by:  

  • Developing guidance and testing materials to support Community discussions  
  • Facilitating conversations and gathering feedback through Community gatherings, focus groups, and 1:1 meetings 
  • Distilling and reflecting on the feedback received through a series of national online workshops  

Several themes have been captured, including:  

  • What is most important to our members and how L’Arche helps  
  • The practices or activities which have the most impact on people’s lives  
  • The continuing need to challenge and work for change in how people with a learning disability are treated in our society  

What we will do next

The final phase of the Conversation takes place this autumn. We will articulate clearly what impact we want to bring about, how we seek to do this, and how we might measure success.