What does spirituality mean to me?  

How does my spirituality help me manage a complex life and be a better person? 

How can our spirituality be truly open to everyone, while being rooted in the insights and inspirations of the Christian gospel?  

These are some of the questions we have been asking in our Big Conversation. To answer, we have:  

  • Created a video to invite people across L’Arche into the conversation, which you can watch below 
  • Reflected in small groups, mixing people with and without disabilities, in every Community 
  • Compiled personal “soul diaries”  
  • Discussed, recorded, fed back and distilled our experiences and impressions 

The work we have done so far has helped us understand how knowing the whole person – including their spiritual life - is highly unusual in social care.  

  • We want to encounter each other in authenticity and depth, at the point of our spiritual differences, rather than settle for a shallow harmony.  
  • There is a distinctive kind of L’Arche spirituality: mutual and embodied (not all words), playful and fun; rooted in the ordinary; being present in joy and in heartache; tending towards love.  
  • And we can do more to ground our spiritual practices in mutual relationships.  

Click below to learn what we have heard so far about spirituality in L’Arche UK today.

What have we heard so far

What we will do next?

Based on our findings, we will create and share a description of our spirituality with everyone in L’Arche, and invite our Communities to try existing practices and co-create new ones.