Below, we try to answer some of the questions you might have, as you think about getting support from L’Arche 

There are also some great resources that can help. Check out our useful resources page. 

What is a local authority assessment and how do I get one? 

You might be entitled to local authority funding to pay for the support you receive. You should apply for a needs assessment from the social services team at your local council or Health and Social Care Partnership If funding is agreed, and your social worker is happy that L’Arche can support you well, either they will pay L’Arche directly for the service you get, or they will pay you or your guardian, and you will pay L’Arche.  

If you do not get local authority funding, and you do not receive a direct payment from the local authority, you would have to pay for any support you receive from L’Arche yourself. This is called self-funding 

Funding is something we will discuss when you meet the person in charge of support at the L’Arche Community you are interested in. 

Can I be supported by a L’Arche Community if my funding comes from a different Local Authority? 

You can. But the local authority or Health and Social Care Partnership where you reside must agree to make an ‘out of area’ placement. 

What services does L’Arche have? 

The 11 L’Arche Communities across England, Scotland and Wales each offer different kinds of support. This ranges from residential care, support at home, activities programmes – or simply being part of a L’Arche Community. Visit the webpage of the Community nearest to you to find out what they can offer.  

Do I need to have funding in order to receive support from L’Arche? 

If you just want to be part of a L’Arche Community, coming along to events and other gatherings, you won’t need funding. But if you require support from L’Arche, or if you want to take part in our workshops or activities programmes, you will.  

How do I get a needs assessment? 

Needs assessments are carried out by the social services team in your local authority. You can find out who your local authority social team is, and how to get in touch with them, by entering your postcode on the Government’s website. If you are in Scotland, you can start the process by contacting Care Information Scotland 

Do I have the right to an assessment? 

Anyone who appears to need care and support is entitled to an assessment, regardless of their finances or whether the local authority thinks their needs will be eligible. Based on the assessment, the assessor will then decide whether a person’s needs are eligible to be met by public care and support 

To find out more about your rights under the Care Act (2014), you can read the Government’s Care Act Factsheets. The NHS website offers guidance and resources to help prepare for a needs assessment.