Help us Grow our Family Tree! 

Five decades after a small group of pioneers opened the first doors of L’Arche in Barfrestone, Kent, it has taken thousands of men and women, with and without learning disabilities, to build L’Arche across the country. 

As part of our Jubilee, we are on a mission to recreate our family tree, and connect the threads right back to 1974. 

Whether you have been an assistant or employee in L’Arche, or a volunteer or a supporter, we want to hear from you. Here’s what you can do: 

  1. Complete our quick form: Share some details about your time with L'Arche by filling in our quick form. Let us know the years you were involved, the Community you were a part of, and how you would like to be kept in touch.   

  1. Spread the word: Help us reach out to other 'alumni' by sharing this form with others who may be interested in reconnecting with L'Arche. You can help reunite the L’Arche family by sharing this form with former colleagues, networks and friends.