Three words that perfectly capture the spirit of L’Arche.  

People with and without learning disabilities. Shared moments, from life’s routine occurrences to those singular heartfelt times. Transformation where you least expect it.  

In L’Arche, we create a different world every day – a world that’s real, rowdy and relational. By being ourselves, together, in community.  

L’Arche is nearly 160 Communities, across 38 countries in all four corners of the world.  

It’s also the stories of thousands of individuals living life to the full. People being there for each other in good times and bad. We invite you to explore what this L'Arche life looks like.

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Call it magic but being different and proud about it is our way of life.

If you’ve been in care your whole life – if you’ve never had someone to call a friend – it takes courage to stand up and be proud for who you are.

But Chloe has done that.
She’s found friends and found her voice.

Now, as the co-leader of L’Arche’s Big Conversation on Voice and Power, she’s passionately helping others find their voice too – even people who don’t use words to speak.

We strive to create a better world because it's in our DNA.

When Bilal* and his friends at L’Arche realized that families in their community were struggling to meet the costs of their frequent hospital stays, they couldn't sit and do nothing about it. Together they began collecting wool from local sheep, cleaning it, and spinning it to create pretty decorative objects to sell. 

The result? They earned enough profits from the sales to buy food and distribute it to patients at the local pediatric hospital. Every action is the right action when it comes to helping others and building strong community ties!

*Bilal’s story, from L’Arche in Bethlehem, was filmed in January 2023, long before the latest Israeli-Palestinian tensions arose. 

L'Arche is an unexpected and transformative experience where all ways of being are welcome. 

Nesi and Tamzin experienced it first-hand as the roles were quickly reversed when cancer struck. The caregiver became the receiver of care. 

Originally, Nesi was paired to assist Tamzin. But now Tamzin, who is a cancer survivor herself, supports Nesi in her journey with the disease.

A simple look or a gesture is enough for these friends to understand each other. And they’re refusing to let this ordeal keep them from finding moments of joy.

L'Arche is a unique experience. 

Who said that carpentry isn't for women? Thankfully, Tatenda and Stella never bought into that stereotype. Both of them found passion for manual work and creating something that their community needed: wooden standing frames. This much needed piece of equipment, which is too expensive for many families in their region, allows children with reduced mobility to stand up straight as part of their physical rehabilitation. 

Tatenda has several disabilities herself, and very little formal manual training; she wasn’t the apprentice that Stella had in mind at the start. But today, she is living proof that everything can be learned and that innovation and creativity deserve to be a part of everyone’s life.

Follow us - who knows where that's gonna take us? 

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