Are you a first time fundraiser? Not sure how it's done? We have got you! Read a few tips on how to get things going. 

Ask, ask, ask – repeat your message and don’t be put off if people don’t donate the first time you ask. It’s likely that they meant to but just got distracted! Plan to reach out to friends and family several times in the run up to your fundraiser.

Don’t be shy – be bold and ask as many people as you can, not just your closest friends and family. It’s not every day that you raise funds for charity, and people will be delighted to support you.

Use photos and videos – to keep your networks updated on your progress, share photos and videos in the run up to and on the day of your fundraiser.

Link to your fundraising page – always include the link to your fundraising page when sharing updates about your fundraiser. If you’re not using an online fundraising page, take your sponsorship form out with you whenever you see friends, family or colleagues.

Say thank you! Try and thank people as quickly as possible, and tell them how much their support means. They may then be more inclined to tell other friends about what a fantastic challenge you are doing. Or even support you in the future!

Post-fundraiser – after your fundraiser has taken place, share your photos and videos from the day to showcase what you have achieved and give your fundraising a final push.

Create your fundraiser!