On Rory Stewart's brilliant podcast, The Rest is Politics, he often mentions his family – especially his wife Shoshana Clark, an astrophysics graduate who ran their Turquoise Mountain charity in Afghanistan, and their two sons Sasha and Ivo.

But something you might not know is that Rory has a special connection to the world of learning disability, since his younger sister Fiona has Down’s Syndrome. So we invited Rory to meet us for a Power Cuppa, and discuss politics and the life of joyful rebellion we want for people here in L’Arche.

If you have ever wondered whether Rory prefers a Bourbon or a Jammy Dodger, just scroll down to our three-minute video – where Rory meets Lucy, Mary, Veronica and Tony - and you'll find out!

Learn a little more about Rory

  • Married to Shoshana Clark (they met in Afghanistan while she was volunteering at Turquoise Mountain)
  • Lives between London and the USA, where he lectures at Yale University
  • Until 2019, Conservative MP for Penrith and The Border and independent candidate for the Mayor of London
  • Favourite biscuit … well, you need to watch the video!