When times are tough, people with learning disabilities often face the worst.

It doesn’t need to be like this. By donating to  L’Arche  this Easter, you can help us build a more inclusive  world. Read more in Emma and Flic’s story below.

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For many people with a learning disability isolation is a daily and lifelong reality which will not disappear with Covid and the lifting of restrictions.

In  a  survey conducted shortly before the pandemic, over half of all learning disabled adults reported feeling lonely, rising to over three quarters (77%) for those aged 18-34, leading to poor mental and physical health.  

But when people with learning disabilities are supported to give the best of themselves, the world becomes a better place for everyone.

Take Emma and her friend Flic.  

“Independence is important to me” Emma says. L’Arche assistants help Emma lead an active and independent life: holding down her waitressing job, going on her weekly park runs (and the occasional 10k race!), taking part in multiple church and community groups.

The people help me be independent in L'Arche

“Although she leads an incredibly full life,” says Flic, her friend and L’Arche assistant, “Emma does everything with care and a quiet thoughtfulness. She helps me to slow down, particularly when I’m anxious and trying to do too much, too quickly. She has taught me a sense of “timefulness”; to live more fully in the moment. I’m so very grateful for that and for her friendship.” 

The sharing of lives in L’Arche contains the DNA of a better way for our world to be. You can invest in this kind of future by making a donation to L’Arche this Easter.  

Your gift will help us build a more inclusive world, where mutual relationships and people with learning disabilities, are at the heart of our communities.  

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