Thank you for fundraising for L’Arche! You are playing a crucial role in the development of our Communities for people with and without learning disabilities, so we are here to do what we can to support you. Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about fundraising for L’Arche.

If you still have a question about fundraising for us, please do get in touch by emailing [email protected]

1. What support will I receive from L’Arche?

We are here to help you get the most out of your fundraising, and are happy to help at any stage of your fundraising journey. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions you have.

2. Do you have branded fundraising materials that I can use?

Upon request – if you get in touch letting us know what you need, we will try our best to sort it for you.

3. Can L’Arche promote my fundraising event?

If you use social media, please connect with us and tag us in posts about your fundraiser. Wherever possible, our Communications Team will re-share your posts and spread the exciting news that you’re fundraising for L’Arche! We are on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

4. Can I donate the money I raise to a particular community or project?

We aim to spend your funds in the areas that they are most needed, and so we really like your donations to be ‘unrestricted’. This means that you are not restricting what project or community your fundraising and donations are spent on. It also helps our work to be more efficient by reducing our administration costs, making your money and donations go further.

5. How do I explain what L’Arche does?

L’Arche is an international movement of people with and without learning disabilities. In each Community, we offer high quality,
person-centred support for adults with learning disabilities. We go beyond supporting people’s basic needs to attend to their emotional and spiritual lives, too. It is this focus on building relationships and cultivating a sense of belonging that makes us different from other service providers.

Or, even better, show your supporters a 2min 'We are L'Arche!' video so they get to see for themselves! 

6. What if I don’t hit my fundraising target?

Before you set your target be realistic about what you think your friends and family might be able to give, and consider how many people would be willing to donate. Then think of all the different methods you can use to raise money, do some maths and estimate an achievable target. It may well be that you exceed your target, which will be awesome for you and your supporters! We can talk this through with you and support you with ideas for your fundraising plan.

As long as you have planned your fundraising and promoted your event far and wide, and have been realistic about what you can achieve, you are sure not to fail!

7. How do I know I will be fit enough to take part in my chosen event?

We will go through this with you, and the third party organiser, to ensure you have considered all the factors that will be going into the event. It is essential that you do not embark on something that is not suitable for you. We have so many events you can take part in, so there will be something to suit you.

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