L’Arche is full of people who shine. In the UK over a thousand of us, living, working, belonging and loving in L’Arche. And this autumn we want to share this L'Arche light with each other a bit more.
Here are three ideas of how your light can shine so L'Arche is... 

... back to life together

These are the days we’ve been waiting for all those months of Zoom and masks. We have amazing new people joining us. We can get out and about and do new things at last.  
L’Arche life will be what we make it now, the post-covid generation. 
So let’s share our best ideas and stories about what life can be – in our houses, in our community, on this blog …so we can learn from each other. 

... coping with the cost of living

We all know how prices are going up faster than the money coming in. You can read the Coping with the Cost of Living blog post about what L'Arche is doing, and what you can do yourself – and you can share ideas and ask questions on the blog too.   
Above all, we can make it OK to talk about what’s hard, and help each other. I know L’Arche people will look out for each other and be both really honest and really caring. 

...making a difference

What's the difference L’Arche aims to make in 2020s Britain? How would we know if we were doing it or not?  
In November we are launching a Big Conversation on the Difference L'Arche makes for everyone to say what they think about this. Your answers will shape our future strategy and vision. 
So look out for the conversation starters we will be sharing with your Community Leaders to get you thinking and talking. 


So shiny people... 3 ways for L’Arche to shine this autumn. Share your thoughts in the comments box below.