As violence spreads across the Middle East, people with learning disability are at greater risk than anyone. 

Haitham and his sister were orphaned and were living in a refugee camp just outside of BethlehemHe spent a lot of time alone and unsupported - until he met a L’Arche assistant and joined the nearby L’Arche Community, Ma’an lil-Hayat (“Together for Life” in Arabic).

Like the 50 people with learning disabilities in our Bethlehem Community, Haitham’s life has been transformed through the friends he has made in L’Arche.  

Bringing together people from different religions and different social backgrounds, L’Arche Bethlehem is keeping the hope of peace and humankindness alive in the Middle East.  

But now the Community faces an existential threatNormally, members make and sell handicrafts, and run a small tourist hotel to support themselves. The war has put a stop to these activities. 

By supporting the L’Arche Emergency Fund*, you will help L’Arche in Bethlehem to survive this crisis and be a beacon of peace in the region. 

* Your gift will support
L’Arche Bethlehem through the L’Arche International Emergency Fund, which enables us to respond quickly to L’Arche Communities in crisis. Gifts may be used in response to other crises where people living with disabilities are at increased risk of violence, exploitation and the loss of human rights.