War in Ukraine, cost of living rises, a global pandemic. What can something little like L’Arche do in the face of the pain caused by events on this scale?  

Since Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, L’Arche Communities in Central and Eastern Europe have been modelling how, together, you can face the worst in hope and solidarity. 

The Community in Lviv offers refugees fleeing east Ukraine a bed for the night, a meal of homemade dumplings and a lift to the border. L’Arche Communities in Poland, Lithuania, Slovenia and the Czech Republic are welcoming dozens of refugees, people with learning disability and their families.  

Inspired by their example, we asked L’Arche people in the UK to share their experiences of true community. They spoke of times when others were there for them when they needed it most. You can watch two of their stories below.  

Please donate to our appeal this Easter – and stand with L’Arche for life-giving community in a divided world.