Why L’Arche! Why London?

People with Learning Disabilities have enriched our communities for centuries. For some reason we have found this hard to recognise and the experience of many people with learning disabilities has been one of loneliness and exclusion. I have devoted my working life trying to do something about this and throughout that time L’Arche has been there as a beacon of what is possible. 

The L’Arche communities across the UK and the wider world have worked to bring an end to loneliness and exclusion for countless people by recognising the inherent human value and beauty of all us. As a trustee and supporter – this feels like the least I can do…. 

And Why London?  Well – the only other time I have run the London marathon was 25 years ago so this is something of an anniversary and as you will see from the photo, something of a challenge! Your support could make all the difference…