Dad of two, Sylvie (9) and Jake (7). I got the running bug when I ran my first 10k in Manchester, and I’m now doing 10k everyday! I’m loving the challenge of the marathon and I’m increasing my mileage every week, despite a few *niggles, I’m feeling great!

**The main niggle being with 10 weeks to go, after locking myself out of the house (yes I know) and attempting to enter through a first floor bathroom window (again, yes I know!) I slipped on the wet roof, pirouetted spectacularly and landed horizontally (torso first)onto a cast iron fire pit. Like a trooper / idiot, I carried on training for a few days but after going to the doctors for painkillers, was informed that I had in fact broken 2 ribs, punctured my lung and lacerated both my liver and spleen!!! 

This minor set back has impacted training but has made me even more determined to complete the marathon. Jokes aside, it really could have been a lot more serious so feeling lucky to be in one piece. Sure I’ve lost a bit of pace but for me the London marathon is the challenge of a lifetime. So please sponsor me to raise money for an incredible cause but also to raise awareness of the importance of hiding spare keys in the garden and secondly, if you fall off a roof...Call 999 immediately :) 

I am running the London Marathon for L’Arche UK, an amazing charity who provide opportunities and support to adults with learning difficulties, in order for individuals to lead fulfilling and empowered lives, living both independently and in shared living facilities. Please help me support this fantastic cause by giving whatever you can, however big  or small, your support will mean a lot.