Phil and Phil’s story started when Assistant Phil H started as a relief Assistant in L’Arche Ipswich. From February 2021, Phil H began supporting Core Member Phil S on a 1:1 basis.

The pair have built a strong friendship while enjoying a variety of Phil S’s favourite hobbies together – from swimming, to horse carriage riding, to walks around the local park. Their relationship has been blossoming in the context of the ongoing pandemic, where a lot of the activities that would usually be on offer have been unavailable to them.

“That was why Walking Together was so good because we did it as a whole community and it was pretty much the first time we had done that.”

On the morning of the event, members of L’Arche Ipswich met for some coffee and donuts in the Community garden, before walking through a local park.

“A lot of the core members were very excited about it because that was the first time they’d done something like that for quite a while. There was a bit of a buzz leading up to the event, and we all really enjoyed it.

Some people took guitars and sang as we walked along - it was such a lovely, happy atmosphere. We attracted some attention with our yellow t-shirts and guitars!

I think that’s what was so great about it. The park was right in the centre of town, and we walked through it with our bright t-shirts, our music and our banner. We were showing ourselves to the town - it made us feel proud of who we were and what we were doing and it was a good feeling.”


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