James has been involved with L’Arche since retiring in 2015 and choosing to volunteer with L’Arche Edinburgh. His connection to L’Arche deepened when, at a silent retreat in Trosly in 2019, he fell in love and met his wife Brigita, who is a House Leader in L’Arche Slovenia.

Now, James continues to be a part of both Communities, and finds joy in sharing ideas and facilitating connection between the two.

When Walking Together took place in 2019, James walked with L’Arche Edinburgh, taking in the fresh seaside air of Portobello and attracting smiles and waves from passers-by.

So when the event returned in 2021, he was keen for members of L’Arche Slovenia to enjoy the same feeling of pride and togetherness: on Saturday 19th June 2021, James, Brigita and other members of the Slovenia Community donned their L’Arche t-shirts and walked around a local lake.  

“It was a lovely way to spend a Saturday, walking together and actually seeing core members together after so much time spent apart. And just like the 2019 walk in Edinburgh, we were visible to the public and attracting attention as we were wearing our matching L’Arche t-shirts.”

These t-shirts are an embodiment of what Walking Together is all about, with the words “with you, everything is good” written in Slovenian on the back – a celebration of time spent together.

“I’m proud that L’Arche brings people together, from lots of different backgrounds and nationalities. For anyone who is new to L’Arche or thinking about getting involved, come and walk with us next year.

Walking Together is a great opportunity to learn about our movement and see how it feels.

And I think that’s because you can walk, see, and speak with core members, assistants, volunteers, friends, family… it’s a really nice way of feeling your way into L’Arche.”

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