When Walking Together took place in June 2021, Ann signed up to walk and fundraise as part of Team London, and raised over £400.

Ann has been connected to L’Arche London since its inception in 1977. Since then, she has enjoyed being a member of the Community and nurturing mutually beneficial friendships: living opposite Gothic Lodge, the Community has been a source of strength throughout lockdown.

Some damage to Ann’s spine has slowed her down in recent years, but this didn’t stop her from taking part in Walking Together and raising funds for L’Arche International.

On 21st June, Ann took to the streets of London by herself, following a route set out by the Community and stopping at different L’Arche houses along the way – waving to friends stuck at home in quarantine, and chatting to friendly faces from the neighbourhood.

“I’m slower than I was and wouldn’t be able to do anything too strenuous. It was good that it was an event that accommodated different levels of fitness and physical capabilities - whether you were in a wheelchair and needed pushing or not, it didn’t matter. Or how far you walked; it didn’t matter.”

Dressed in her bright yellow t-shirt, Ann was stopped many times by passers-by who took an interest in the event.

Everyone was greeting each other and saying hello – whether that was L’Arche members, or people on the street.

"I was walking on my own but I felt like I was connected to the Community and a part of something. We had a really lovely gathering in Gothic Lodge at the end with refreshments and dancing. There was a sea of yellow everywhere – it was a very happy day.”

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