We are people with and without a learning disability, on a mission to build a more inclusive world. We are change-makers as part of the global movement for inclusion, justice and freedom from discrimination. 

We are a life-sharing movement, seeking to make known the gifts of people with learning disabilities. We help each other live full and empowered lives, enriched with belonging, kindness, creativity, fun and joy. 

We celebrate diversity and seek to build inclusive Communities where everyone is treated fairly, with kindness and respect, and valued for who they are. As an employer, we encourage applications from everybody irrespective of religion, faith, disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, ethnicity, and age. 

Our life in L’Arche is held together by four key elements: 

Service: We want to look out for each other, offer excellent care and support, and live lives formed by love, not just be absorbed by ourselves. 

Community: We want friendship and community, not just being autonomous and independent, instead of isolation and loneliness. 

Outreach: We want society to grow from the flourishing of people with learning disabilities, instead of them being cocooned and hidden away. 

Spirituality: We want to live lives of joy, gratitude, freedom and compassion, rather than being preoccupied by superficial things. 


L'Arche Identity and Mission