This is the classic L’Arche role. As a live-in assistant you will have an intense experience of community life and you will build deep relationships with people with disabilities. Opportunities for spiritual reflection are likely to be more frequent and immersive, but your personal space - including in the evenings - will be limited.

Along with one or two other assistants you will most likely live with a small number of people with learning disabilities in their own home. You will work a fixed number of hours each week and this may include a waking night. You will be provided with food and lodging. You will also receive subsistence and reasonable expenses to help meet your living needs. You will be expected to participate in the L’Arche UK first year integrated skills training and spiritual formation programme.

This is a particularly popular route for young people, pre or post university, and for people from overseas wishing to combine living in community with the opportunity to travel.

Each Community is very different. Some have more live-in assistants than others. You can read about the different Communities by clicking here.

The below application form will ask you which community you would like to join. You are given three choices. If there are no vacancies within those communities, we will send your application to the community that needs you most. 


This is an expression of interest form for a residential role. To see vacancies for non-residential roles, follow this link.