Louise Heatley I’ve been a member of L’Arche for more than 30 years. The community inspires me and I believe its members, and its philosophy, have something to offer the whole world.
L’Arche London (UK) is in need of a new minibus. Although well placed for public transport, not all buses are suitable for larger wheelchairs. And a minibus is invaluable when people need to take extra equipment with them, such as a hoist - or, seasonally, transporting lots of props for the Christmas play.
So on Boxing Day I’m planning to take a dip in the sea as part of the West Bay Wallow. I must be mad! If you’re near Dorset, come and cheer me on!
The photo is of Martin’s trip to West Bay (by minibus) this summer.
Can you support the appeal? L’Arche London and its members will be very grateful for anything you can give.
Please note the swim might get called off if the weather is bad, for safety reasons. If this happens money will not be refunded. Louise Heatley