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Living in L’Arche you learn that you’re happiest when you’re with other people. Other people depend on you and you discover that you depend on them as well.

It isn’t only people with learning disabilities who find meaning and friendship at L’Arche. James is a L’Arche Bognor House Leader who lives alongside Fred and other core members, and has experienced the gift of relationships.

What is special about L’Arche are the relationships. If we have other people at the centre of our lives then our lives are living. If we rely on objects, then our lives become deadened. Fred is an amazing person. He talks to everybody and there’s this sudden disarming, and even people you wouldn’t expect to respond positively…. you see them melting. I think Fred saw in me someone who was committed to community and wanted to come and share life. When he laughs his free, joyful, laugh you can’t help but laugh with him.

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