How you can help us

In these deeply uncertain times, we need to your support more than ever.   


We need to grow our levels of unrestricted funding so that we can respond appropriately to the ever evolving crisis, which is likely to have even more devastating impacts over time. We know that some of you are experiencing financial uncertainty yourselves so please only give if you are able to. Any donation is hugely appreciated. Ongoing direct debits are even better as they provide us with much needed stability so that we can plan more effectively for the future.

Work or Volunteer for Us

If you’re out of work or a student whose university, school or college has closed, we’d love you to consider joining us as an assistant or volunteer:

Help Us Share our Message

Help us grow our valued network of supporters by sharing our message with your friends, family and social media networks.

While this time brings us a host of challenges, it also reveals a window of opportunity. As we shift from founder-led to mission-led, we are called to unite around a common vision that reinvigorates our historic values while adapting to the rapidly changing realities that L’Arche faces today. This crisis has also awakened the public to the critical role that organisations like ours have in valuing our most vulnerable. 

I was moved by this quote by Chelsea Dianne that so aptly reflects how L’Arche’s deepest values are manifesting in society in response to the crisis:

"And then the whole world walked inside and shut their doors and said we will stop it all. Everything. To protect our weaker ones, our sicker ones. Our older ones. And nothing. Nothing in the history of mankind ever felt more like love than this."

In a strange way this period has reminded us of our intrinsic interdependence on each other. While we are physically isolated, it has highlighted our fundamental human need to be connected.

I have been deeply touched by the ability of our Communities to find creative ways to ensure that we remain emotionally and spiritually present to each other at this challenging time. 

I call on all of you, our valued supporters to help us keep the heart of L’Arche alive for many years to come.

Loren Treisman
CEO/National Leader, L'Arche UK