Churches and faith-based organisations are at the heart of L’Arche. We rely on people within communities of faith to share the work of L’Arche and communicate to others what it is that we offer the world.

L’Arche speakers

Over the years, thousands of people have been touched by the vision and experience of L’Arche. Our communities in the UK want to continue to share with others what L’Arche can, and does, offer. If you would like to welcome a L’Arche speaker to your church, or to a group you are involved in, we can help. We have ambassadors for L’Arche all over the country who can give inspiring talks and sermons about L’Arche’s message of radical hope in our world.

Tea breaks and coffee mornings for L’Arche

In L’Arche communities around the UK, tea breaks and coffee mornings are an integral part of the day’s rhythm. Sitting together over mugs of tea and coffee is a way in which we learn more about each other’s lives, while helping us to build a sense of community and togetherness.

Could your church or community group host a fundraising coffee morning for L’Arche? We can provide a speaker who can come along and share more about the work and vision of L’Arche. We can provide your group with films to show and inspiring stories of change to tell.