The Coronavirus is causing us to reassess the kind of jobs that are most valuable to a society.

People whose work was often undervalued – regarded as “low skilled” or low paid – are now recognised as “key workers”. Nurses, carers, social workers, teachers, supermarket employees, and others are at the “front line” with their work recognised as a heroic and truly meaningful contribution to the common good.

L’Arche has always turned society’s norms upside down. We have always valued the role of those who provide support as being of equal value to all other members of our communities. To see this role so publicly affirmed as part of this wider re-calibration is very encouraging.

L’Arche assistants don’t just support some of the most vulnerable people in our society, but also walk alongside them as their friends. And as they do so, prompted by the unique combination of training, context and the L’Arche formation programme, they discover something about community and about themselves.

Below, you can watch Dominic, Clare, Vanessa and Lieve talk about what their experience as a L’Arche assistant has meant to them.


We need assistants now more than ever.

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