L’Arche offers something really special to all of our community members. Our communities are made up of people with and without learning disabilities, living alongside each other: all members, all individual, all equal.

So what?

People with a learning disability are 7 times more likely to experience chronic loneliness*. This can lead to many additional challenges such as isolation and poor physical and mental health. But there is a simple solution; FRIENDSHIP.

At L’Arche, we don’t just ensure members’ basic needs are met. We go much further than that. We provide nourishment for the soul. All members are celebrated for who they are, and at L’Arche they find not just a home, but somewhere to build deep, powerful relationships. Somewhere to belong.

But our approach is only made possible by people like you supporting us.

Your donations make the difference between living and thriving.

Please give the gift of friendship today.