L’Arche statement following the recent BBC Panorama documentary and the release of the CQC report into the detainment of people with learning disabilities

The Panorama programme aired by the BBC on Wednesday 22nd May showing the abuse of people with learning disabilities, and the recently published CQC report revealing the detainment of people with learning disabilities and autism in ATUs (Assessment and Treatment Units), once again reveals the appalling mistreatment and abuse experienced by some of society’s most vulnerable people. Read more

Jean Vanier: a personal reflection

By Chris Bemrose Read more

‘The light in me bows to, and honours, the light in you.’

Reflections from L’Arche Kolkata. Read more

‘God is in the heart.’

Reflections from L’Arche Asansol, India. Read more

Emilia: Reflections on my gap year in L'Arche

Emilia came to L’Arche Ipswich from Germany on her gap year. Before leaving the Community to study teaching, Emilia reflects on her growth as part of the Community. Read more

These are the things I want to tell you about Joe Ulleri

Joe Ulleri was a much-loved core member in L’Arche Manchester. His death, three years ago, attracted national media interest last week when a jury inquest ruled that failures in his care, while in hospital, constituted neglect, which contributed to his death. In this reflective piece, Nem Tomlinson from L’Arche Manchester shares her memories and stories of Joe. Read more

Statement from L'Arche, following the verdict at the inquest into the death of Joe Ulleri

Speaking outside the Coroner’s Court in Manchester, Kevin Coogan, Community Leader of L’Arche Manchester, read out the following statement on behalf of L’Arche. Read more

Bipana's story

'L’Arche is different from anywhere else. We are so connected with each other.' Read more

Rosie: my first year at The Ark

Rosie, from L'Arche in Ipswich, reflects on her first year in L'Arche, and how the Community improved the way she feels in herself. Read more

Sam Wells on 'being with' and belonging in a time of loneliness

In November 2018, L'Arche UK hosted a public event at the Wellcome Collection in London, exploring the role of intentional communities like L'Arche in creating places of belonging in a time of loneliness. Read more

When I’m at L’Arche I like my body

and, because of that, I’m learning to love it when I’m not. Read more

Jean Vanier: Belonging in an age of loneliness

‘So as you’re stripped away from all that is not the primal innocence, there is something then which is the only thing which is at the heart of the universe, is what brings everything together, and that is love.’ Read more

Teachers of Joy

Léon van Ommen, a theology lecturer at the University of Aberdeen, wanted to know what we mean when we — as L’Arche — talk about joy. Read more

Jenny's vocation

Lucille Kennedy reflects on how Jenny, a core member in the L’Arche Preston Community, is gifted at ensuring people are not lost at the edges of our society and are seen human beings. Read more

Cyril's story

'It wasn’t until I lived here that I was fully able to understand what people with learning disabilities have to offer. They make the people around them grow.' Read more

Rebound Books

Core members and assistants at L’Arche Brecon are working together to rebind old hardback books into beautiful journals, which are then sold to the public. Read more

Moses' story

'I think L'Arche offers the world love. It shows the world how to be respectful towards people with learning disabilities and how to value every person'. Read more

L’Arche London celebrations conclude in Westminster Cathedral

L’Arche London concluded its 40th anniversary celebrations on Saturday with an inclusive service of thanksgiving at Westminster Cathedral. Read more

L'Arche London's 40th anniversary celebration

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of L’Arche London there will be an inclusive service of thanksgiving at Westminster Cathedral on Saturday 14th July. Read more

Volunteering with L'Arche Ipswich: Christelle's story

Christelle is a volunteer in the L’Arche Ipswich community. In this piece she reflects on how celebrating her birthday in the community brought her to a deeper understanding of L’Arche. Read more

London Marathon 2018

Last Sunday Michael, Gemma, Lucy, JJ and Sophie joined over 40,000 runners to take on the 2018 London Marathon for L’Arche. So far they have raised over £8000. Read more

Wool Felting in L'Arche Bethlehem

Since 2009, core members at L'Arche Bethlehem have been working to create a range of felt products out of previously unused sheets wool - they are now being sold across the world. Read more