NCS 2021

Natalie Phillips

Hello, we are a group of Young People taking part in the National Citizenship Service over this summer! We are hoping to raise funds for L'Arche because we believe that learning disabilities need a lot more awareness, for more equality and understanding. In school you learn almost nothing about learning disabilities, even though around 3 students in every classroom have a learning disability. This lack of awareness leads to alienation of these students (since as a society we don't fully understa

Running the length of UK, 825 miles

Max Bojarski

I work as a support worker for L'Arche Liverpool since 2017, running is my hobby and I would like to join this two things to help raise money for L'Arche.

Camino de Nottingham

Louise Detain

L’Arche is an organisation that brings people together. Throughout the UK and across the world it brings hope and community.

Stepping out for L'Arche London

Louise Heatley

I believe the values and mission of L'Arche make the world a better place.

Bath half marathon

Janet McDonald

To support all that L'Arche community are.