Last Sunday Michael, Gemma, Lucy, JJ and Sophie joined over 40,000 runners to take on the 2018 London Marathon for L’Arche.  So far they have raised over £8000.

Michael Wakelin, one of our runners, gave us an account of his marathon experience:


“The marathon was an extraordinary and very wonderful experience. The crowds were amazing - from the very start there were hundreds and then thousands of people lining the pavements almost all the way.

I started right at the back of the last group to give Mo Farrah a chance, so even though the race started at 10.00 we didn’t start running until about 10.50. The heat was so intense that there were showers every now and then provided by the organisers but also fire stations we passed were using hoses and kids were firing water blasters at us.

I must have high-fived hundreds of onlookers on the way and people were shouting out my name (thoughtfully printed on my L’Arche running shirt) and at times the noise was deafening – especially towards the end.

There were jazz bands, orchestras, choirs, steel bands; lots of people had set up big PA systems outside pubs and on their balconies pumping out energetic music. 

Obviously towards the end I had to hold back to let Mo Farrah get his moment of glory, which is why I was not in shot on the TV, in case you were wondering!”


It’s not too late to show your support. To donate to their appeals please follow this link.

If you’re feeling inspired and would like to run for L’Arche in next years London marathon, contact Mel on [email protected] or call our fundraising team on 0161 438 2832.