‘A few weeks ago the Community had a birthday tea for me. As they were going around, saying nice things about me, I realised that they were holding a candle in a pot that was a bit broken. Coming back from France I was feeling a bit bruised by life, a bit broken, just like this pot. And yet it’s doing its job perfectly okay. I can too. It was a really poignant moment. It was in that moment, with people saying all these lovely things about appreciating my presence, that I realised this. 

The core of L’Arche is that you come here thinking that you are helping people and, if you’re open to it, you realise that you receive much more than you can give. Who is helping who…? You see the vulnerabilities in everybody. In the core members it is so obvious and that then allows/enables other people’s vulnerabilities to come to the surface. You share life together.
If you are perfect, you don’t need anybody else. The fact that we are not perfect, and need each other, means that we can meet each other. Life is much more beautiful in communion and in community. That is the beauty of life.

My need to make things perfect is something that I need to lose. You can’t make things perfect here. Instead you learn to use the imperfect things as gifts.’

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