Founded in Scotland in 1975

Each year a L’Arche community have Gatherings to celebrate their life and growth. For Inverness, that founding story began in 1975, and for Edinburgh in 1991.

Stories, music, videos, mime and photos tell that story - and the new hopes to come. Inverness plan 18 months of building, to create Rosie Lovat House as neighbours for an upgraded Braerannoch. Edinburgh are enlarging the opportunities for people during the day.

Such commitments grow out of a sense of belonging and common mission between people of different intellectual abilities, backgrounds, culture, class and beliefs.

As John Swinton, friend of L’Arche, put it on a visit:

"It can seem easy to create a space where people are included – but a real community is built on relationships where each person belongs.  If I am not there, am I missed?"

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