Assistants case studies

One of the hidden impacts of L'Arche is the effect it has on young people who spend time in our community before continuing with their careers.

Rodgers Wanga, Deputy House Leader writes:

Many of the people who choose to work in L’Arche do so as part of their own journey, often spiritual, rather than it's financially rewarding. The experience they receive of disability, difference and community goes on to enrich the rest of their lives. Often that impact comes from a key relationship with a person with learning disabilities.

A current assistant at L'Arche Brecon, writes about his experience in the Community.

"It was February 2011 when THE man arrived in Brecon; shy, charming with weather shock expression by then. Food being my hobby, I arrived at supper time, felt quite strange because had never been around so many people before sitting around the table having supper, I composed myself brightened my cheeky gorgeous smile then joined in, one of the assistants still filled with excitement of seeing me offered me sugar instead of salt, could I say I was irresistible?

I was welcomed in a warmly way, something I still appreciate till now, the same love I was accorded with by then is still in existence even today and that isn't a fluke but just how things roll here in our brecon city community. My welcoming went a little bit far, to an extent that even the nature bowed, they sky shed white clotted tears, if you like call that snow, and hat was my first experience with sich, i tell you even my heart giggled.

Counting forth year now and lots of changes and transformation, once an impatient boy now is a fully grown patient man, once single now triple, once under skilled in care sector now fully evolved in it, i feel like this is my home, why?, because am accommodated and included; and regard those I work with as wider family members. What makes a place good isn't the nature beaut but people; they install happiness in you and leave even your spine vibrating with excitement, your eyes rolling with joy and your feet staggering with happiness.

Throughout my experience here, I attest that people were created to be loved and are meant things to be used, the reason the world in in chaos is because people are being used and things are being loved."

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